New Makeup Goodies!


  1. pretty girl,have you use the facial mask?
    Which kind of product have you used?
    Can you tell me Which brand of mask you are using?
    Beauty is the experiences for sharing,not for collecting.
    Could you mind recommending something to me about it?
    Don't forget to check my latest post and let me know what u think about it!
    Please give me some suggestions .

    1. I hope Sam answers my questions from a blog a few weeks ago. I've been waiting since before they went away.

    2. Well Sam put up a new blog and still hasn't answered questions people have. I'm not watching or reading anymore. There are way better ladies to watch. Sam doesn't care.

    3. This has been a busy weekend for her I'm sure, between her son's birthday and being out of state. Cut her some slack, geez.