My Beauty Lifesavers Tag!


  1. Samantha, before doing a video, I suggest you clean the items you are showing. You can't be taken seriously. What happened to you? I'm saying this out of concern. You had a good thing going with your beauty channel. Wake up!!

    1. What you're saying is hurtful. I watched the video and none of the things she showed were in need of 'cleaning'. What specifically are you talking about? I think she's doing a great job with her channel. Asking 'what happened to you?' does not really help anything...Please think before you comment next time, and maybe show yourself instead of being anonymous.

  2. Sam, don't listen to that rude person who commented before me. The products did not bother me at all and you do not bother me. You have nothing to be concerned about! Keep up what you're doing :)