Friday, May 17, 2013

Bow & Flower Phone Case!

Hi My Loves!!!

So a few weeks ago I recieved this lovely phone case in the mail from my lovely friend Cole. We have been internet friends now for a good few years and she makes these herself. She is so talented and patient haha!! I can't imagine how long these must take to make. 

Check out her Facebook page here:

She customizes them to your taste and can do a range of phone cases, so if you like what you see then definitely check out her page and see what you can both create ;) Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life after all!!!

Here it is on my sad phone..... luckily I just got a new phone yesterday as we FINALLY got an upgrade haha!!! SO I will probably be giving this one to my sister incase she ever gets an iphone ;) Note: dropping phones on the cement is not good :)

I know a few of you had asked where I got this case when I showed it so now you know!!

Be sure to check out Cole's blog and You Tube channel too ;) Tell her I sent you!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

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