My Week In Instagram Pictures #5!

Hi My Loves!!!

I've been a bit of an Instagram hussy lately :) Quite delightful really, I'm just so glad I get to share all the fabulous little pics with you guys.

So here they are ;)

This was the first day I tried the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation. INSTANT LOVE!!!!!


This flippin picture has been driving me insane! I tried wrapping it with some paper that we already had and some string that we already had and it just looked like total crap :/ I ended up wripping it all off and putting it back up above the fireplace the way it was until I can find some paper and a bow that I like haha!

BANANA BREAD!!!!! Recipe here: Link!

Here's Jay editing our new Intro for The Schuerman Show. It took him hours! We were up late that night!!!

This was first thing Thanksgiving morning. My little kiss monster was being so sweet!!

This is how he sits on the couch haha!! Funny little fellow. He was watching Football :)

My Anna Boots that I got from Hautelook forever ago and never had a chance to wear them. I finally wore them on Thanksgiving. LOVE THEM!!! So comfy too :)

Trying to get a festive Thanksgiving picture and he kept trying to pet my face haha!

The day after Thanksgiving, Phoenix and I got sick :( Pooing old colds!! Lil and I were resting while Phoenix napped :) Luckily Lily hasn't gotten it and I hope she doesn't.... good old booby milk!


Daddy and Lily in the morning. Aren't they sweet :) LOVE this picture... Jay looks hot!

Here's a new foundation I picked up while we were shopping at Walmart..... 


Hope you all had a fun filled picture week too :)

Thanks for reading!

And incase you missed our trip to Sephora yesterday.... watch it here :)

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