Saturday, August 9, 2014

First Invisalign Blog Post: Before Pictures!

Disclosure -- I am an Invisalign® Spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure:

Hi My Loves!!!

As most of you know, I have partnered up with Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten my teeth and I couldn't be more excited. 

In case you are not familiar with it, Invisalign is a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners that gradually move teeth over time, so hardly anyone even notices when someone is in treatment. What I'm most excited for with Invisalign, is that it discreetly straightens teeth without the hassle and look of traditional wire and bracket braces. For me, this means no interference in my professional or personal life from a mouth full of metal.

 I will be sharing my experiences and journey with all of you through videos and blog posts, so that you can see the changes and I can keep a great diary of how I'm feeling through this huge change in my life.

Watch this video to see a little back story about me and my teeth :)

I had my first consultation that consisted of taking pictures of my teeth, smile and profile. I had x-rays and I also had the iTero scan which takes individual pictures of every single tooth to create a 3D image of your entire teeth/smile, without all that nasty goopy goop that makes a mold of your teeth. All together, it took about two hours for the appointment after all of the chatting with the orthodontist about my expectations, treatment, what to expect and procedures. It was very comfortable and nothing hurt or was irritating to get done with the x-rays and iTero scan.

I'm going to share a couple of the pictures of my smile and profile. You will have to excuse my greasy skin in these pictures. I swear every time I travel my skin gets so oily! So just pretend like you don't see that :) You will notice in the picture below…my delightful tooth hole. I had it removed a while ago as it couldn't be saved due to a bad break, and seeing as I was planning on getting my teeth straightened, they told me to just leave the hole as it would fill in once I straightened them. So I have been dealing with that ever since. It's not my most favorite part of my smile, but hey…why not add that to the whole shebang of crookedness going on. So this is my before. Let's hope that by the time I have finished with my treatment, my after pictures will be so fabulous that I won't ever stop smiling ;)

I'm not sure why blogger is automatically making my pictures look like I have no pores or wrinkles? Does anyone know why it does this? It looks like I use photoshop or blur something or other, which I don't… Weird!

So that's really all I have today. Please watch my latest video update to find out what else we spoke about at my first Invisalign appointment. 

Thanks so much for reading/watching.


I'm currently receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment in exchange for sharing my experience. All opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My First FabFitFun Unboxing!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

You Can Help!! #duckprints

Hi My Loves!!!

So I have a really quick blog post for you today and it's something so very easy that you can do to help a great cause. It's not going to cost you anything other than a minute or two of your time. I don't know very much about this, but I just received an email asking me to share this with you :) As you know I have been affected by breast cancer (not myself but my Mom) and as a Mom, I can't imagine the pain and struggle children and parents go through to have a child diagnosed with cancer. Please join me in helping this cause. Here's a quick video telling you a little bit more information.

You can also find even more information about it here:

Here’s how you can help in the fight against childhood cancer:
Aflac will donate $2 for any duckprints-related social actions taken on various social mediums, up to $2 million. Related social actions include:
  • Twitter - $2 for tweets using the hashtag #duckprints or re-tweets of duckprints related tweets
  • Facebook - $2 for any share of specific posts related to duckprints or using #duckprints
  • YouTube Views - $2 per every view of the duckprints videos on YouTube
  • Share This - $2 for every duckprints related video shared
It's that simple. Share posts related to duck prints using #duckprints and they will donate $2! 

Thank you so much!


Monday, July 28, 2014

$50 Target Gift Card Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Hi My Loves!!

I have the winners of my $50 Target Gift card giveaway!! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!! I really appreciate it and hope that the people that won enjoy their little shopping spree!! 

Here's the WINNERS!! I have direct messaged you if you won telling you what to do :)

jenlindquist31 (Instagram)
aitch77 (twitter)
tajcoleman (twitter)
rachaelbilyeu (twitter)
Melissa Franco (Facebook) 

Thank you again for everyone who entered!! Thank you also for all of the birthday wishes! Love you all so much! I feel so very loved :)

Here's my latest video:

And stay tuned for 6pm tonight for my birthday blog on #theschuermanshow :)


Friday, July 25, 2014

Pick Which Bag You Want To Win!

Hi My Loves!!

I have a super quick blog post today. I'm letting you pick the bag you would like to win in my giveaway :) I'm hoping I can get it in time for my Back To School Giveaway and instead of me just picking one, I figured it might be nice for you guys to play a part in which one to pick.

I have 5 choices. Most of them are pastel Summery colors because I think they are fun and kind of fitting for back to school (they remind me of all the colorful fun of school)…. 
While I know these are not backpacks, it's still nice to win a nice purse for the weekends or for the people who are not in school .

So here's where you come in.

Pick which bag you would like to see in the giveaway. Just post the number of the bag you like in the comments below this blog post. Once I have figured out the one with the most likes, I will order it and then keep your eyes open for my Back To School Giveaway that will be up on my beauty channel in August :)

Whichever bag has the most votes, that will be the one that will be featured in the giveaway. One lucky winner will get to win it as well as lots of other amazing prizes :)

Here's your choices!

#1. Minty Green

#2. Pastel Pink Stud

#3. It's Me, Barbie

#4. Classic Black Studded

#5. Fabulously Fuchsia 

So there you go, please comment below telling me the number!

If you love these and can't be bothered to wait to win one, all of them can be found here:

I will end this giveaway tonight, so be sure to put your vote in!!

Thanks for reading ;)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Light After The Darkness….

Hi My Loves!!!

We had another storm today. Luckily it was harmless. Just heavy rain, thunder and lightning. As long as there's no hail… I'm good ;) Anyway, the sky was so beautiful during and after the storm and I love cool clouds and a beautiful sky, so I snapped a couple of pictures with my Lumia :)

There's just something about this picture that seems heavenly. The rays of light peeking through the top, trying to break through the dark clouds. It's so beautiful. 

After the darkest storms, always come the most beautiful rays of light. 

The sky reminds me of my high school year book quote:

This quote got me through a lot of hard times during my teenage years. It has a special meaning to me and I have often remembered it in all types of different troubled times in my life. I wanted to share it with you, incase you haven't see it before. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me after I lost my Mom. Sorry I got all sentimental on you for a minute there :)

This picture was during the storm over to the side of it. The dark clouds over the pastel sky are so pretty. 

How cool are these clouds? Makes me want smores!!! Haha!

Super quick blog post but sometimes you just have to share the things that touched you in some way :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a good week.



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