Mommy Son Tag

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hi Guys!

So last week I filmed the Mommy Daughter Tag with Lily which was so cute, while she was home sick from school. Phoenix ended up catching what she had and so we filmed the same tag, same questions but with him this time and the answers were so cute!

Watch them both!


Fall Makeup for Blue Eyes | Cranberry Smokey Eye

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Home Decor | Pumpkins

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey Guys!

Today I'm going to be sharing some fun Fall Home Decor items that i love shopping for this time of year. Pumpkins. There's just something so festive and cozy about having pumpkins around your home this time of year. Today, it's raining here and super windy, so it's got me in the online shopping for fall  decor mood.

So here's some of the best pumpkins I've found that are still in an affordable price range. Everything is linked as well, so if you see something you like, you can click right on the title and purchase it. You're welcome and sorry.

Alrighty... well I think 10 is enough for today's post. Hope you're enjoying these types of posts. I'm like your personal shopper. 

Thanks so much for reading!


FabFitFun Fall 2016 Unboxing

Hi Guys!
Today I'm unboxing one of my favorite seasonal subscription boxes, FabFitFun. This box features lifestyle, beauty & fashion and I also have a coupon code for you to save $10 off!! Use code SAM to bring the price down from $49.99 to $39.99.

I aslo have a little helper for this video. Lily loves to film with me and it's so much fun to have her on my channel :)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hey Guys. So this morning I'm freaking out because I went to upload our daily vlog and our channel is just gone. I can't log into it. It show I don't even have a channel with that log in and it has no subscribers. But yet the channel is still showing as being there and you guys can go and watch the videos. I just can't log in to it on my end. It just disappeared. So I'm trying to get a hold on people through my network to try and figure out what the heck is going on but at the moment it's just gone. So i'm super stressed out and keeping my fingers crossed it's just some wierd glitch and it will pop up any minute. We have tried everything to try and find it. So for now I'm going to upload the vlog onto my mommy channel. If you know friends that watch us, please tell them or share on Twitter, Facebook & IG. I will make a post everywhere as well. I'm so worried that our channel is just gone :( Please subscribe to my mommy channel to get notified when the vlog is up. I'm so sorry this is such a mess guys. I'm so confused as to what the heck is going on.

Best Fall Throw Pillows

Sunday, September 18, 2016

If you're anything like me, you have an obsession with throw pillows. It's actually becoming quite a problem. Jay ends up throwing them off the couch to make room for himself. It takes us about 5 minutes just to take all of the pillows off of the bed at night. But I still keep oogling over pillows for every season or just because it's too darn cute to pass up. So I'm going to show you the pillows I'm currently lusting over for Fall. This is my porn. Throw Pillows. Sad I know.


16x16 Hello Fall French Knot Pillow $19.99


20x20 Faux Fur Trim Pillow $19.99

Ok guys! That's my current pillow lust list! Hope you found something you liked. I'm basically shopping for you. I'm like a personal shopper blogger. That's what I'm going to tell people I am from now on hahaha!